What’s For Dinner? Easy 30 Minute Dinner Ideas! Weekly Family Meal Plan (Week 7)

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Easy 30 Minute Dinner Ideas! Weekly Family Meal Plan (Week 7)

Welcome to week 7 of my weekly meal planning series where I share with you what I am cooking for my family of 5. 

This week I am sharing a few easy and affordable 30 minute meals that can be thrown together very quickly. These meals ideas are perfect for those busy weeknights or days where you just can seem to bring yourself to cook anything. 

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Groceries This Week:

Every week I share with you exactly what I am buying and spending to make this week’s meals. Keep in mind not everything I purchase is needed to make these dinners specifically. I am including everything I have purchased for the week so that you can get a realistic look at what it looks like for me to feed my family every week. 

You will notice every week that I save a lot of money by using fetch rewards. If you haven’t tried fetch rewards and are looking for EASY ways to earn cash back from your everyday purchases (like gas, restaurants, grocery and even your amazon purchases) I would highly suggest giving it a try. 




  • Colby Jack Cheese (2) – $3.98 total
  • Provolone cheese – $1.99
  • Mini tator tots – $3.19
  • 2 ct bell pepper – $1.99
  • Crispy crowns frozen potatoes – $3.19
  • Cream of mushroom (2) – $1.98 total
  • Rotel – $0.99
  • Gogo squeez applesauce pouches –$6.99
  • Half gallon milk – $2.99
  • Pencil sharpener – $0.65
  • Fruit snacks – $2.49
  • 24ct pencils – $0.99
  • Shredded mexican cheese (2) – $3.98 total
  • Pepper jack cheese – $1.99
  • Sour cream and onion chips – $3.59
  • Jammers juice box – $2.29
  • Minced garlic – $2.99
  • Pillsbury crescent rolls (3) – $5.97 total
  • Ham lunch meat (2) – $5.98 total
  • Heavy whipping cream – $3.59
  • Waffles – $2.49
  • Pantry container – $7.00
  • Blueberries (2) – $5.98 total
  • Lays potato chips – $3.59
  • Grapes 1.5 lb – $3.59

Total: $48.62 (total after Target circle digital coupons & $35 in Fetch Rewards gift cards)
















Weekly Family Meal Plan (Week 7)

Here is a list of the dinners we made this week!

If you are in need of more easy dinner ideas for your weekly meal plan you can check out my other meal plans HERE.

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