7-Day Family Meal Plan (With Grocery List) Easy & Budget Friendly

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7-Day Family Meal Plan (With Grocery List) Easy & Budget Friendly

Meal planning is a great way to save time while also avoiding unnecessary food waste. But sometimes finding real-life healthy meals can be challenging especially when you have a whole family to feed.

That’s why I have decided to share with you this 7-day meal plan filled with some delicious dinners. These budget-friendly meals are not only some of our favorite recipes but they are quick & easy too!

I’ve also included all of my grocery shopping lists along with what I spent for each item. And if you want to give any of these recipes a try for yourself you can find the links to all the recipes as well.


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Grocery Shopping List This Week – $100.44

Below is a breakdown of everything I bought at the grocery store as well as what I spent to make an entire week’s worth of meals for my family.

Keep in mind some of the ingredients required to make these meals are pantry staples so I already had them on hand. You may need to purchase more or less to make these same meals. 

The best way I have found to keep grocery costs down is by buying ahead. Buying ahead allows you to stock up on your most used food items when grocery prices are at their lowest.

In addition to buying ahead, I also like to utilize apps like Fetch Rewards. Fetch Rewards allows you to scan all of your receipts for points. You don’t even need to buy anything special in order to earn points. Anything you buy whether it be at Starbucks, the gas station, restaurants, or grocery stores earns you points.

This week I was able to cut $25 off my grocery bill just by using my fetch rewards points and redeeming them for a $25 gift card to Target. I often do this and it’s a great way to stock up on grocery items for free.




  • Blueberries (3) $2.50 each – total $7.50
  • Grass fed ground beef 1lb – $6.49
  • Boneless skinless chicken cutlets 1.35 lbs – $8.09
  • Red onion – $1.10
  • Yellow onion (2 large) – total $2.05
  • Red bell pepper (2) – total $1.96
  • Green bell pepper (2) – total $1.98
  • Applegate organic sweet italian chicken sausage – $8.07 (this was a little bit of splurge but I personally just prefer this brand. You could spend a fraction of the price if you went with a cheaper option.)
  • 4 pack of guacamole – $3.99

Total = $41.23


Sam’s Club:

  • Red seedless grapes 3 lbs – $5.89
  • Little bites muffins (not needed for recipes but purchased this week) – $11.57
  • Orange juice 2 pk – $6.99
  • Refried beans 8 ct – $8.27

Total = $32.72



  • Egg noodles – $1.59
  • Diced tomatoes – $0.55
  • Chicken bouillon – $0.79
  • Dunkin donuts creamer – $3.99
  • Half gallon milk – $2.99
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese – $1.99
  • Frozen cheese tortellini – $2.99
  • Chopped caesar salad kits (2) – total $5.98
  • Pasta sauce – $1.49
  • Frozen texas toast garlic bread (2) – total $3.98
  • Sour cream – $1.89
  • Serrano pepper salsa – $2.99
  • Flour tortillas – $3.29
  • Frozen waffles (2) – total $2.58
  • Diced green chiles – $0.65
  • Bread (2) – total $2.38
  • Cream of chicken family size 22 oz – $2.31
  • Cream cheese – $2.79
  • Cream of chicken 10 oz – $1.27
  • Good & Gather honey nut hoops (2) – total $5.00

Total = $51.49 (I had a $25 fetch rewards gift card so my total out of pocket was $26.49)





Weekly Meal Plan #1 January 2-8 2022

Here is a list of all of the dinner recipes we made this week!

If you are in need of more new recipes for your weekly meal plan you can check out my other FREE meal plans HERE.

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