Fetch Rewards Review – How To Earn Cash Back On Everyday Purchases

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Fetch Rewards Review – How To Earn Cash Back On Everyday Purchases As A Busy Mom


If there is one thing you should know it’s that I am a total- cash- back app junkie. I absolutely love a good cash back app and because of that, I have tried so many of them over the years. 

As a stay at home mom, one of the best ways I have been able to reduce our grocery expenses has been through cash back apps. They have been such a blessing during tough times.

A few months ago I discovered Fetch Rewards. Now, I will be totally honest I had been hesitant downloading it for so long because I really didn’t think I needed another cash back app. 

I already had a few that I absolutely loved and didn’t think that Fetch Rewards would be that different from the rest.

Boy was I WRONG. 

Fetch Rewards has been absolutely awesome when it comes to earning cash back on our everyday purchases. 



So What Exactly Is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is a FREE app that you can download on your phone that allows you to scan ANY receipt and earn points back on your purchases. You can even submit receipts from your online purchases by connecting your email to the app.





As a new sign up you will receive 2,000 points which is equivalent to $2. Points can be redeemed starting at 3,000 points ($3.00) all the way up to 50,000 points ($50.00)




Every time you scan a receipt you will receive points. Points can be redeemed for gift cards which you can then use in your favorite stores like Target or Starbucks.

Fetch Rewards is different from most cash back apps because you don’t have to spend time searching and adding offers to your account or buy products from certain stores. Anything you purchase is eligible for points.



What Stores Work With Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards will work with any store and you can scan receipts from

  • Restaurants 
  • Convenience stores like gas stations 
  • Grocery stores
  • Big box stores like Target and Walmart
  • Club stores like Costco and Sam’s Club
  • Home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot
  • Sporting goods stores like Dicks and Big 5
  • Pet stores like Petco and Petsmart
  • Online purchases like Amazon


You will receive a minimum of 5 points from places like restaurants and non-grocery stores. Most grocery store purchases will receive a minimum of 25 points.




How Many Receipts Can You Scan On Fetch Rewards?

You have 14 days from the date on the receipt to scan and earn points and you can scan up to 28 receipts in a 7 day period.



Do your Fetch Rewards Expire?

Fetch Rewards will expire only if there is no activity on the app for 90 days. Basically that means if you haven’t scanned a receipt within the last 90 days any points you have on your account will no longer be valid.



Brands Will Always Earn You More Points

With Fetch Rewards you can purchase anything and still earn points but there IS an advantage to purchasing brand name items. In a nutshell buying brand name items will earn you more points and more points equals more money.

You can check out the list of brands that they currently partner with HERE or you can view them through the Fetch Rewards app on the discover page.


In addition to brand name products bringing in higher points they also have featured brands that will bring in additional bonus points. These featured brands will change so you should always check back to see what they are offering. 

Here is an example of what special offers you might see taken directly from the discover page on my phone.






Can you Earn Fetch Points Outside Of Scanning Receipts?

Yes! One of the best ways to earn points fast is by referring your family and friends to join through your link. Every account is equipped with its own unique referral link that you can share through text message, social media, and email. 

Every person you refer will receive 2,000 Fetch points upon scanning their first receipt and you (the referrer) will receive 2,000 points as well.



Is Fetch Rewards Really Worth it?

Hands down yes yes yes.

Fetch Rewards is similar to other cash back apps in the sense that you buy products and earn cash back for those products. The difference is that you aren’t locked down to shopping at a certain place and you don’t have to buy specific products. 


The ease of being able to buy what you were already intending on buying without having to fuss with an app at checkout or worry about adding offers prior to shopping is a total win in my opinion. 

The downside is that if you don’t typically purchase brand name items it can take you a while before you will accumulate to cash out for a gift card. 

In my experience that hasn’t been an issue enough to make me want to avoid using the app and I’ve been able to earn $100 in the last 3 months just by purchasing the things I was already planning on buying.


Too Long Didn’t Read? In that case here is the Gist of Fetch Rewards

  1. Fetch Rewards is a FREE app that you can download on your phone that allows you to scan ANY receipt and earn points back on your purchases.
  2. You can link an email to your Fetch Rewards Account to scan any e-receipts you have for online purchases, including Amazon.
  3. You can scan receipts from ANY store even restaurants.
  4. Fetch points vary between 5-25 points + per scanned receipt
  5. Fetch Reward points will expire after 90 days of inactivity.
  6. Brand name items will earn you more points.
  7. Refer friends and family to earn points faster.
  8. Points can be redeemed for gift cards that you can use to shop at your favorite stores.
  9. Points can be redeemed starting at 3,000 points ($3.00) all the way up to 50,000 points ($50.00)











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