Have you ever felt overwhelmed and exhausted trying to keep up with the finances as a Stay At Home Mom? Are you frustrated with living paycheck to paycheck on a single income? Are you tired of not seeing eye to eye with your spouse about money? If so you have come to the right place!

I whole-heartedly believe in the importance of Stay At Home Mom’s and the impact and value they add to their families but I also understand how overwhelming and exhausting it can be. And that’s okay because sometimes our lives get messy.

As Stay At Home Mom’s we are the backbone of our family. We don’t get sick days, paid vacations or 30-minute lunch breaks. Happiness is going to the store alone or eating a full meal in peace and quiet. I know what it’s like to feel like your drowning in your day to day responsibilities and that some days you are flat out tired of feeling like “just a mom”. Living on one income is tough in today’s world and it’s frustrating when you feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to make the most out of what you have without getting anywhere. You might be feeling hopeless that you can never gain financial freedom or you might just don’t know where to start.

I want you to know that I understand you because I was you. How To Start Budgeting When You’re Tired And Overwhelmed, 30 Ways To Save Money As A Stay At Home Mom and 40 Family Household Expenses For Your Brand New Budget¬†are good places to start. Most importantly I want to be a place of support and friendship for those days when you don’t feel like your husband or anyone else for that matter gets it.

The Author Behind Mommy Can’t Afford That

I’m Crystal. A 35-year-old Stay At Home Mom to 3 precious kids ages 10,8 and 5. 11 years ago My husband and I found ourselves newly married and desperately broke with a brand new baby. Not having family or friends nearby and no college degrees my husband was forced to work 12 hour days 6 days a week while I stayed home with the kids just to support our family. Trying to get the most out of our finances I learned to coupon, grow a stockpile, meal plan and live a frugal lifestyle. However, having never learned proper budgeting skills we still struggled financially on one income with bigger expenses such as car repairs and vehicle purchases. Which meant over the years we slowly accrued debt eventually totaling $26,000. 3 Years ago we finally had our “sick and tired” moment after the birth of our 3rd child and decided to gain control of our finances once and for all. Spoiler alert, it worked! You see, I want that for you too because we all deserve a life worth living.