Easy Breakfast Freezer Meals For Picky Kids Under $25

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Summer is just around the corner which only means one thing…


Now, I don’t know about you but when the kids are off of school I kind of feel like I should be off too and if I can make one thing easier on myself cooking less would definitely be it.

Every year since my oldest was little it’s been a tradition to stock my freezer full of ready to go meals in preparation for summer, back to school, having a new baby, or really anytime I know that we are going to be busier than usual. By filling my freezer with meals my kids love it saves me time from having to “figure it out” for every meal every day.

For this freezer cooking session, I decided to focus on breakfast first mainly because my kids are crazy for it and honestly breakfast can be good for dinner sometimes too. I’m a sucker for meals that can serve a dual purpose.








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The Recipes

  • 10 breakfast bowls (5 with egg, potato, sausage and country gravy & 5 with potato, cheese, sausage and ham)
  • 10 breakfast sandwiches (5 with egg, cheese and sausage & 5 with sausage and cheese)
  • 14 pancake sausage bites ( I used this recipe for the pancake batter)



Products I Used

  • Reusable freezer safe bowls.
  • Freezer labels to label the reusable bowls. These are the best i’ve tried because they come off easily without leaving anything behind.
  • Wax paper to wrap the breakfast sandwiches and to keep them from sticking and prevent freezer burn.
  • Gallon freezer bags. In my experience good quality freezer bags make a difference in how well the food holds up in the freezer.



The Grocery List & Cost Breakdown

  • 18 ct eggs $3.39
  • 2 bags diced potatoes $1.94 ea or $3.89 for 2 
  • Country Gravy $1.00
  • Sliced pepper jack cheese $1.77
  • Pork sausage roll $3.50
  • English muffins $2.89
  • 2 pks sausage patties $1.99 ea or $3.98 for 2
  • 2 pks sausage links $1.99 ea or $3.98 for 2
  • Bacon FREE! 
  • Diced ham (considering this a bonus because it was leftover from a previous weeks recipe)


Total: $24.40



Breakfast Bowls


Breakfast bowls are one of my favorite recipes to freeze because you can customize them however you like and they really don’t require a recipe. They can be super simple for a picky eater or more complex for the kid who will eat anything.

Let’s be honest here, my kids probably will not eat the ones with gravy but my husband will and I know that he will enjoy bringing those to work occasionally throughout the summer.

These can also be nice to throw inside a tortilla and turn it into a breakfast burrito if you so wish. My kids will eat the breakfast bowls as is but my husband and I like to add pico de gallo/salsa or guacamole after reheating to spice it up a bit.

Additional add in options for breakfast bowls

  • potatoes (diced or shredded)
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • sausage
  • bacon
  • ham
  • canadian bacon
  •  bell peppers
  • onion
  • country gravy



Breakfast Sandwiches


Breakfast sandwiches are the best! I mean who doesn’t love bread, egg and cheese right? These sandwiches can be made in minutes which makes it really easy and affordable to stock up your freezer with them.

Just like the breakfast bowls, these can be customized to your family’s taste. You could use bagels or croissants instead of english muffins if you wish. Sometimes I like to use different flavored english muffins to add a slightly different taste to it (cinnamon english muffins with this combination taste amazing).



Pancake Sausage Bites


This is one of those recipes that i totally winged. My kids love sausage and pancakes so I thought that adding them together could make a really awesome breakfast and it did. I started out with 20 sausage links but only ended up freezing 14 because we um, ate some. oops. Looking back I wish I would have bought an extra pack or 2 of sausage links because I did have batter left over. I will definitely be making these again soon.

I used this recipe for the pancake batter which i’ve been using for many many years and can vouch it’s one of the best. If you prefer you could totally use a boxed pancake mix but trust me when I say you should try the homemade pancake batter first.


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Easy breakfast freezer meals for kids! These simple make ahead meals are perfect for feeding kids during summer and back to school. 20+ meals for under $25 Grocery list & cost breakdown included!



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