$50 Budget Friendly Meal Plan Using Leftover Ham

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I don’t know about you but leftovers are one of my most favorite things. Not only does it make your grocery budget stretch further and give you a break in the kitchen but the possibilities of what you can throw together are endless.

With that being said there are times when you are left with a whole lot more than you know what to do with especially after a holiday and making ham sandwiches for a week just didn’t seem all that appetizing or fun.

I ended up having about 8 cups of leftover ham this week from Christmas and i’m quite impressed considering how much was ate on christmas. All of these recipes but 1 provided additional leftovers which we ate for lunch the next day. I still have about 2 cups of ham which I froze for later use because at this point I’m all hammed out.


One of the BEST ways i’ve found to reduce my grocery spending is by utilizing ibotta for the things I had already planned on buying for the week. It’s completely free to download AND they give you $5! I have found that using ibotta has been a far better use of my time rather than searching for coupons. I’m always shocked to see how fast I end up accumulating cash and in 6 months I was able to save a whopping $400. For something that takes little effort I say thats a win!






The Recipes



The Grocery List & Cost Breakdown

*Please note that the grocery prices listed below are from California. Depending on your location and what you already have on hand you could make these recipes for less*

  • Red Bell Pepper $0.90
  • Eggs 18 Count $4.59
  • Active Dry Yeast $1.79
  • Gallon Whole Milk $3.79
  • (2) Crescent Rolls $1.67 ea or $3.34 Total
  • Bridgford Frozen Dough Rolls $2.50
  • Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage Roll $3.50
  • Shredded Hash Browns 30 oz $3.00
  • (2) Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese 8 oz $2.69 each or $5.38 Total
  • Spiral Ham 10 lb $17.90
  • Onion $0.80
  • Land O’ Lakes Butter 16 oz $2.99
  • (2) 5 lb bag Potatoes $1.97 ea or $3.94 Total

Grand Total $54.52



Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites

You can find the recipe to these Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites HERE

These ham and cheese pretzel bites ended up being a little more time consuming than I originally thought but thankfully they made a ton (40 to be exact) and were equally as delicious for all the time spent.

You could definitely cut time out by using a premade frozen dough like Rhodes or Bridgford but I decided to make the dough as I already had everything on hand for it minus the yeast.

My kids loved these because they reminded them of a hot pocket which I must say they are pretty close to it.



Leftover Ham Turnovers

You can find the recipe to the Leftover Ham Turnovers HERE

These leftover ham turnovers were insanely quick and easy to make. Prep time was seconds (no joke) and cook time was under 15 minutes. I ended up heating up leftover mashed potatoes and put together a veggie and we were good to go.

This was one recipe I should have doubled because it went fast with the kids.



Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup

You can find the recipe to the Cheesy Ham and Potato Soup HERE

This was by far one the BEST quickest potato soup recipes i’ve ever tried and i’ve tried a ton. Easy, quick and ingredients most people would have on hand already. I used my immersion blender to blend this directly in the pot without having to use a blender or food processor to blend in batches. This saved a ton of time and whole lot less mess.



5 Ingredient Breakfast Casserole

You can find the recipe to the 5 Ingredient Breakfast Casserole HERE

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast casserole? Even though I used sausage in this recipe I included it because you could definitely switch it out for ham. I prepared this casserole the night before and cooked it in the morning. This would be perfect as a brunch or even a breakfast for dinner option which I also love doing occasionally.



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