10 Quick & Easy Weeknight Dinners On A Budget

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10 quick and easy weeknight dinners on a budget. These weeknight dinners are perfect for feeding your family for cheap. 15 minute kid friendly dinners perfect for busy moms!


10 Quick & Easy Weeknight Dinners On A Budget. Delicious Frugal Meals Right At Your Fingertips.


The last 2 weeks have been crazy over here! Recently my 2 oldest kids started back to school and let me tell you I’m exhausted.

Throwing myself back into a school routine after summer has been tough and because of that, I’ve been in such a meal planning slump.

and it didn’t really help that right after my kids started back at school I got sick.

Like really really sick.

Thankfully days before my dreaded illness hit I had written up a meal plan that would cover an entire 2 weeks worth of dinners which I never ever do.

Intuition maybe?

Whether it was my awesome mom intuition or just luck I had thankfully come up with a quick & easy meal plan.

15-minute meals anyone?

I’ve been so excited to share these with you because I know that so many busy moms can benefit from knowing about these cheap and easy meals.

AND!.. as an added bonus to a simpler meal plan I saved a boatload of money on my grocery bill (thanks to Ibotta and Fetch Rewards), I came in slightly under $100 for 2 weeks’ worth of dinners which is a total win in my opinion



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Here is a list of our favorite 10 quick & easy meals we have made recently.

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    1. Hey there!

      For the grocery list/cost breakdown, I include all of the food I purchased for the week which will include anything I need for breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks. However, on the blog I primarily only share what I make for dinner. Typically for lunches, we will eat leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. Hope that helps!

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