40 Household Expenses For Your Brand New Budget

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40 Family Household Expenses For Your Brand New Budget


If you have ever tried setting up a budget and failed before you even started, it may have been because you were so overwhelmed with what exactly to budget for.

This list of over 40 family household expenses will help you set up your brand new budget with expenses that matter most. Just like any budget, this list is not perfect. There may be expenses that don’t pertain to you or there might be others you need to add that aren’t listed. This is simply a guide so feel free to customize it to fit your particular needs.

Emergency Fund

It is important to have 3-6 months of expenses saved up in case of a job loss, medical emergency or some other life changing event. If you have debt start with at least $1,000 in an emergency fund until all debt is paid off.

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What Categories Should I Include In A Budget?



  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Property Taxes (If home owner)
  • House insurance/renter’s insurance
  • Home repair/maintenance
  • Cable/Any cable alternatives such as Netflix
  • Internet
  • Phone



  • Electricity/Gas
  • Water/Sewer
  • Garbage



  • Gas
  • Car maintenance/repair
  • Smog
  • License/registration
  • Car insurance


  • Health insurance
  • Medication
  • Copays (Doctor and Dental)



  • Groceries
  • Restaurant/take out


  • School lunch
  • School supplies
  • Field Trips
  • Classroom donations



  • Clothing
  • Haircut/Salon
  • Personal Spending (fun money/blow money)
  • Family Fun/Entertainment
  • Subscription services
  • Gym
  • Daycare/babysitting
  • Formula/Diapers


Ongoing Personal Savings

  • All Holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc.)
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Father’s Day/Mother’s Day
  • Vacation



  • Car loan
  • Credit card
  • Personal loan
  • Medical


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