30 Ways To Save Money As A Stay At Home Mom

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30 Ways To Save Money As A Stay At Home Mom


In this day and age, it almost seems near impossible to be able to cut back just enough to stay home with your kids. With costs rising it’s becoming harder and harder for most families to get by living on just one income.

But just because something is hard doesn’t make it impossible. I’m living proof to tell you that it is very possible even if yourself and everyone around you are telling you it isn’t.

Here’s a little perspective

9 years ago at the age of 25, I gave birth to my first baby. My husband and I at the time were newlyweds having only been married for 11 months.

Both of us had been working regular jobs nowhere near career level both in pay and experience. Not only that we lived in one of the most expensive states — California.

On the outside, most people would have assumed it wasn’t possible but I was determined to make it work. It wasn’t always fun and our newfound frugal lifestyle was criticized and laughed at by more people than I would care to admit. Even when things seemed scary and even lonely (who knew how lonely frugality could be) I learned so much about what it takes to thrive not just survive making it on one income.

I wanted to make it simple for you because I know how valuable time can be. Here is a quick list of 30 totally doable ways to save money as a stay at home mom.



  1. Meal planning (How To Create A Meal Plan You Will Actually Stick To)
  2. Downsizing to one car
  3. Cooking from scratch
  4. Getting rid of cable (10 Things I Quit Buying To Save Money)
  5. Unplugging appliances not in use
  6. Cutting down how often you do laundry ( I do all of the laundry for our family of 5 once a week)
  7. Buy clothing and household items second hand from thrift stores and garage sales
  8. Creating a budget and sticking to it
  9. Making a plan to pay off current debt and avoid going into further debt
  10. Couponing
  11. Growing your own fruit and vegetables
  12. Using cloth diapers
  13. Doing your own nails and hair
  14. Start saving for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays at the beginning of the year
  15. Buy your most used non-perishable food items in doubles when on sale
  16. Save receipts to redeem cash back from apps (4 Cash Back Apps That Will Change The Way You Grocery Shop)
  17. Eat at home and recreate your favorite restaurant inspired recipes to curb your cravings (How To Stop Spending Money On Fast Food When You’re Broke)
  18. Breastfeeding
  19. Making your own baby food
  20. Buying regular laundry and dishwasher detergent instead of pods or tablets
  21. Avoid gym memberships by exercising at home or outside
  22. Downsizing in house size
  23. Getting rid of one cell phone for a landline
  24. Signing up for free samples
  25. Buying meat in bulk
  26. Not purchasing disposable products
  27. Avoid buying individually packaged food
  28. Changing car insurance
  29. Qualifying for rebates from energy-saving appliances/receiving discounts for low income through your electric company.
  30. Always use cash


There are many more creative ways than this to save money as a stay at home mom. When it comes to cutting back and saving money it can take time to adjust to a new way of life. Don’t feel discouraged if something you try doesn’t work right away. Be kind to yourself. Remember just because something is hard doesn’t make it impossible because I believe in you, mama.


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Saving money as a stay at home mom can be challenging in today's world. These 30 practical money saving tips were designed by a real stay at home mom looking to make the most out of her low income. This post will give you hope that you too can stay home with your kids.

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