5 Stockpiling Mistakes That Will Cost You

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5 Stockpiling Mistakes That Will Cost You


We have all seen those stockpiles on the internet and TV where people have more products than they could ever possibly use up in a lifetime. While I do admit those stockpiles can be dreamy to look at they hardly ever serve you like they could and should.


In 2010 when I first started couponing I made all of the mistakes when it came to building a successful stockpile. Instead of stockpiling with intent I stockpiled based off of whatever I could get for free or almost free. Before I knew it my good deals were becoming bad deals because I wasn’t actually using up all of the products I was stockpiling.


Stockpiling is more than just hoarding a bunch of items on a shelf but it is to create a system that serves you and your family month after month. These 5 stockpiling mistakes will not only help you stockpile with more intent but also to keep you from falling into any stockpiling pitfalls that could be costing you your time, money and energy.


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You’re Stockpiling Products That You Don’t Go Through Often

It’s extremely satisfying to watch your stockpile grow month after month and if you are getting the products for free or almost free with coupons it may seem like a good idea to stock up on everything you could possibly want or use.

I am a firm believer that you don’t need to stockpile every single item you use in your home.

There is no need in wasting time, energy, money, and space on items that you don’t use every day.

Keep in mind this will be different for everyone. If a bottle of hairspray typically lasts you 6 months you definitely don’t need 10 of them in back up no matter how cheap it is.

When deciding exactly what you should be stockpiling I always think of it like this, stockpile the items that you have to have in your day to day life.

Ask yourself will running out of this item force me to go to the store and purchase this product immediately?

We only want to stockpile items that keep our household running. Things like body wash, shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent etc are good examples of common items crucial to most people’s daily lives.



You’re Stockpiling Products/Brands You Have Never Tried Before

When new products come out into the marketplace it’s common for companies to release high-value coupons to entice consumers to try their product.

I know how tempting it can be to want to stock up especially if you have snagged multiple coupons or there is a really hot deal. This isn’t only true for new products but anything that you have personally never tried before even if it has been around forever.

This very thing happened to me a few years ago with a particular deodorant.

It was typical for me to bounce around to different brands depending on what the deals were. That week there had been a particularly good deal on a certain brand of deodorant at one of the drugstores and I stocked up even though I had never tried that brand of deodorant.

Months later when it was finally time for me to use the product it ended up breaking out my underarms, badly. 

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t try new things because you totally should but save your stocking up energy and resources on things you know for a fact you love and will work for you and your family.

Remember the point of stockpiling isn’t just to have a bunch of stuff on a shelf but to save you money and time.



You Have A Disorganized Stockpile

We’ve all done this before, we buy things from the store that we thought we didn’t have when in fact we did.

A major component of stockpiling successfully is knowing how much you have.

Not only that but it’s also important to have a designated area for all your stockpile items to go even if you have your stockpile items split up in different areas. To keep your stockpile organized it’s best to only have 2-3 extras of each product crucial to running your household efficiently.



You’re Stocking Up Just Because You Have A Coupon

Generally speaking, stores often have promotions for similar products multiple times a month. Buying every single shampoo that goes on sale or that you have a coupon for is not a good idea. Not only is it impossible to use up amounts in such excess but it also takes up a lot of space which can quickly make your stockpile cluttered and disorganized.



You’re Stockpiling Products With A Short Expiration Date/Shelf Life

It’s best to forgo stocking up on things with an expiration date if at all possible. Things like hand sanitizer and medications are best to purchase on an as-needed basis since you don’t typically use them daily.

Products with a shorter shelf life like moisturizers tend to change in texture, smell, and consistency pretty quickly leaving you to end up tossing it if you have a lot to get through.




By recognizing these stockpiling mistakes you can begin to create a stockpile that works for you. No more sifting through crazy amounts of products, throwing things out because you never got to it, or feeling like you can’t keep up on all the deals every single week. Stockpiling is an amazing thing when done correctly and will bring you so much peace in your day to day life.



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