The Best Meal Prep Containers Every Mom Should Own

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The Best Meal Prep Containers Every Mom Should Own! Stop wasting time & money on containers that just don’t work.


Meal prepping has been one of the best things I have ever done for our family. Not only has it made dinner a breeze, I’ve noticed I waste less food and my kids are eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before. Yay!

But let me be the first to tell you, having the right meal prep containers matter. No one and I meant no one wants to wake up to a fridge full of food that has been leaking all night. YUCK!

But as a mom on a budget I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a bunch of plastic containers that are not functional or practical for my busy family.

That’s when I decided to go on the hunt for meal prep containers that were practical for families. I found a ton of things and I am so excited to share them with you.

Here are the 10 best meal prep containers along with some helpful meal prep accessories every mom should own!



Bento Style Glass Meal Prep Containers

These glass meal prep containers are awesome when it comes to meal prepping fresh fruits and veggies for snacking.

I am a huge fan of glass containers because in general they hold up so much better than plastic. Maybe it’s just me but the moment plastic containers get stained I never feel like they are truly clean anymore and usually end up tossing them.

Talk about a waste of money.

These meal prep containers aren’t too heavy and work great for my husband to bring to work. These glass containers work amazing at keeping our fruits and vegetables fresh without getting wet and mushy after a few days like other meal prep containers I have tried.



3 Piece Produce Saver Container With Vent

This produce container is a must have when it comes to meal prepping vegetables that tend to go bad fast. I love using this for lettuce, cabbage, cilantro or any other fresh herbs that I may need for the week.

This produce saver has a venting system that allows you to control how much air goes in and out. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in how much longer my lettuce and herbs last. I no longer have to worry about my lettuce wilting a day or 2 after I buy it.



Stackable Fridge Storage Containers

These stackable fridge storage containers are perfect for meal prepping and organizing kids’ snack and lunch items. I love the clear design so that the kids can into them without taking them out each and every time.

I use these for storing yogurt, string cheese, applesauce, jello, and even pre-portioned fruit and veggie bags.

These meal prep containers make preparing kids lunches during the school year so much easier and it allows them to help pack their own lunches. I’ve never tried them in the pantry but I think these would work excellent to pre-portion after school snack items like pretzels, chips, trail mix and crackers.



 Reusable Meal Prep Snack Bags

These reusable meal prep bags are great for families because they can be used for so many things and easy to take on the go. I have recently fallen in love with reusable bags because of how durable they are.

I love that this set comes with so many sizes and you don’t have to spend a bunch of money buying different sets. I personally love the snack size bags for my kids lunch boxes or prepping after school snacks for the pantry.

As a mom who has a type 1 diabetic it makes snack time so much easier because I can place a sticker on each bag with the carb count.



14 Pack Food Storage Containers For Fridge And Freezer

These meal prep containers are great for any mom just starting to meal prep and they are super affordable! Out of any plastic set I have tried (and I’ve tried a lot) these have held up the best.

These containers are airtight as well as leak proof and work for both the fridge and freezer. I have used these for meal prep, freezer cooking, and leftovers and they have worked wonderful for all of those things. These fit nicely in the freezer (especially a small one) and make it easy to see exactly what you have.



EasyLunchBoxes 4 Compartment Food Container

My kids have been obsessed with homemade lunchables and these meal prep containers fit the bill. I fill them up at the beginning of the week with pepperoni, crackers and cheese slices and the kids can just grab and go.

These containers work perfect for little hands and make it easy for them to open and close themselves and can fit in any bag because of their compact size. You will grab for these time and time again because these meal prep containers make preparing meals for kids so easy and convenient.



Meal Prepping Accessories I Know You Will Love

As a bonus, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my most favorite meal prepping accessories and gadgets. With so many quirky gadgets out there it’s hard to know what’s really worth it and what’s not.

These my most used (and loved) gadgets to make meal prepping for a family practical and fun! Seriously, some of these are game changers once you start using them.



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The best meal prep containers every mom needs! These meal prep containers make prepping easy for busy moms. Practical and affordable these meal prep containers will take your cooking to the next level.

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