10 Secrets To Saving On Amazon That Every Frugal Mom Needs To Know

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Everyone loves Amazon and my family is no exception. But as much as I love shopping on Amazon I happen to love saving money even more, and because of that i’m always on the lookout for the best money saving tips when shopping online.

If you didn’t already know Amazon Prime is a whole lot more than free 2 day shipping. As a prime member you get access to everything Amazon has to offer which includes prime pantry, grocery delivery, movies, music, tv shows, books and more! If you are looking to cut back on your entertainment expenses this is the way to go. Our family hasn’t paid for cable in over 5 years and let me tell you this is just as good.

If you’ve never tried Amazon Prime before girl, what are you waiting for? Don’t worry you can try it for FREE for 30 days here!

Now, lets get into all the juicy details of how to really save money using Amazon Prime.



1. Go For The Monthly Subscription Instead

This is sort of a weird tip but in my opinion there’s no need in paying a whole year for something you might only want for 2-3 months (think of the holidays). So instead of just biting the bullet and paying for an entire year you can opt in for the monthly subscription during the times you actually want to use the service. Once you are done using it you can cancel and then sign up once you need it again.



2. Always Check The Coupons Tab

Once a month I usually do a large stock up order where I go through and add everything I need for the next month or so. The very first place I go? Straight to the coupons! I will usually search for exactly what I need and then see what coupons are available for those items. Sometimes I can find better deals at other stores and if that’s the case i’ll skip ordering the item altogether. Utilizing the coupon tab on Amazon is an effortless way to coupon and makes saving a money a whole less time consuming.



3. Use Your Ibotta Earnings To Redeem For Amazon Gift Cards

Ibotta is one of my favorite apps when it comes to saving money on everyday grocery and household items. One perk to Ibotta is that you can choose to redeem your earnings for gift cards instead of cash and Amazon just so happens to be one of them. During the holidays this is one of the best ways to earn money towards Christmas gifts for the family.



4. Subscribe & Save

If you plan on purchasing household items like toilet paper, diapers and laundry detergent from Amazon subscribe and save is the way to go. You can set up recurring shipments with items of your choosing and in return they will give you a 15% discount. The best part about subscribe and save is that you can cancel at anytime so even if you order the items just once you can still cancel right away. You are never stuck paying for something you don’t want.



5. Choose No Rush Shipping For Prime Pantry Credits

Amazon will often give you the option to choose a slower shipping method in return for credits on your next prime pantry purchase. This is one of my favorite ways to rack up some extra money towards groceries without doing anything. Most of the time I found that I would still get my items quickly maybe like a day or 2 longer which is totally worth the extra credits in my opinion. In addition to prime pantry i’ve also received credits for music and movies too just by choosing a slightly slower shipping method.



6. Check Out Amazon Outlet

Amazon outlet is like bargain shopping online. You can find anything from household, electronics, home decor, clothing and more and they are always adding new things. The outlet is the first place I go when i’m looking for deals on more pricy items like appliances or furniture.



7. Open Box Items

Open box items are like finding a hidden gem. Amazon ships an item to a customer, customer returns, item is inspected to be in working condition, amazon resells at a discounted price. Think about times you might have bought something and then returned it just because you didn’t like it not because the item wasn’t good. Open box items are a great option for getting things you need for a lot cheaper than you would brand new.



8. Check Your Email For Exclusive Offers

It’s tempting to want to delete emails that look like just another sales email but amazon often will email you exclusive offers that will put more money in your pocket. For instance we got an email for a nice credit just for watching an Amazon original for the first time. Free money for consuming some of their content? YES PLEASE!



9. Load an Amazon Gift Card To Your Account

Remember when I mentioned you can use your Ibotta earnings to redeem Amazon gift cards? Well, this is sort of the same thing. If you add a $100 Amazon gift card to your Amazon account you can receive a credit! A great money saving tip especially if you are usually an over spender is to give yourself a budget by purchasing a gift card and not using your debit or credit card. Once the money is gone it’s gone and you can add more funds to it the next month.



10. Use Amazon Cash

Amazon cash is perfect for anyone who is weary about using their debit or credit card on the site. Just like a gift card its another great option to keeping your spending in check. You can add funds at places like CVS and Riteaid and shop like you normally would without any special fees or having to wait for your money to go through. The best part about it? There is currently a bonus for using Amazon cash for the first time!



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